TENEVIA develops and proposes innovative systems to support environmental monitoring and measuring. Based on our expertise in analysis and image processing in natural environments, these systems aim to provide remote information that can be verified visually using the images.



TENEVIA RIVERBOARD® hydrometry solution

TENEVIA RiverBoard® is a patented system of measuring and helping to monitor waterways based on image analysis and processing. It uses the images supplied by a surface-based image acquiring device (IP camera and infrared projector) installed very close to a waterway or canal to measure the water’s height and surface flow velocity and calculate the discharge.

The non-intrusive nature (not submerged) of this solution means that it continues to function during extreme events such as flooding. Designed as a hydrometric information service, TENEVIA RiverBoard® is a "4 in 1" data and measurement display system (height, velocity, discharge and visual control using video) making it possible to:

-create and update a rating curve using a number of discharge estimates calculated by the software using the images;

-obtain two discharge calculations: the discharge estimated by the current rating curve (Q) systematically, as well as the discharge estimated using the surface velocity measured (Qcalc) on an ad hoc basis;

-detect changes in hydraulic behaviour (i.e. rating curve shift).

 Measuring software to help monitor open waterways and canalsMonitoring hydrometric conditions in real time with TENEVIA’s Riverboard web application.

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TENEVIA SnowBoard® uses a digital model representing the dynamic of the snowpack combined with an image processing and analysis software program on mountain slopes. Using an IP camera type image capturing device, the idea here is to detect the presence of snow on the images of a catchment area. Once this basic information is established, the TENEVIA SnowBoard® system provides an assessment of the potential water content in the catchment area.

This solution is mainly intended to assist with the management of hydropower structures, as well as monitoring water resources and floods.


Monitoring the snowpack and assessing the stock of waterDetection and 3D reconstruction of the snowpack on catchment areas using land-based photos

 SnowBoard user case




Using a Fish Eye type image capturing device, TENEVIA’s CloudBoard® system supplies information on a region’s current cloud cover. It can also provide a very short term view of how this will evolve using an estimate of how fast the cloud is moving.


Monitoring the cloud coverDetection, classification and assessment of cloud movement using hemispheric images.

 CloudBoard user case




Is there a specific image processing and analysis system that can address your challenges?

 Ministry of Research and Innovation

TENEVIA is approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation so you can benefit from a tax credit on our R&D services.




Purchasing image capturing equipment.

Acquiring images prior to processing and analysing them is a crucial step. Our technology, which is dependent on the quality and resolution of the images, uses standard but high-quality equipment. TENEVIA has created a distribution partnership with Axis Communications to meet its requirements. Please do not hesitate to consult us before you buy your equipment (IP camera, infrared projector, Power Over Ethernet or any other product from the Axis range).