Expert in analysing and simulating environmental data, our team develops reconstitution and environmental forecasting assistance systems.



TENEVIA, the water resource study and analysis software specialist (hydrological models of catchment areas), offers a hydrological data provision service. With the strength of its experience in producing hydrological models for the leading French hydropower production companies (EDF, CNR, ...), TENEVIA wants its unique expertise to be available to all those that need it (local authorities, management agents, river and catchment area contracts, engineering services, etc).

This service ensures that you obtain the latest hydrological and geo-referenced information. Waterway discharges, water maps and snow maps allow you to anticipate the risk of flooding and the severity of low water levels as well as assess hydropower potential and manage water resources being used for different activities.

The Hydrological Information System (HIS) based on a digital representation of your region, uses and concentrates different sources of data: geomorphological and hydrometeorological, in particular. This is analysed in real time by our software to produce a final calculation that is ready to be exploited. The data produced by TENEVIA’s Hydrological Information System must be used both in your studies and to support your decision making.

Offering the advantage of easy access to the latest spatial data, TENEVIA’s Hydrological Information System is compatible with the ArcGIS and ArcGIS On-line platforms, amongst others, and ESRI’s  ELA licenses (Enterprise License Agreement).

Availability of observed and simulated discharge data in a geographical information systemAvailability of observed and simulated discharge data in a geographical information system



Our team includes several hydrological simulation and modelling specialists. This means that we can carry out extensive studies that are specific to your challenges:

-Reconstitution of series of historical dischargesSimulation results from a space-based hydrological model (zones of ground saturation)

-Predetermination and studies of extreme hydrological events (floods and low water levels)

-Analysis of the hydrological impact of climate change (prospective analysis for regional planning)

-Studying hydropower potentialSimulation results from a space-based hydrological model (snow pack)

-Producing hydrological forecasting systems to anticipate risks and manage resources

- Integrated modelling of the dynamic of water resources and their uses (balanced and lasting management of water resources)

- 1D – 2D hydraulic modelling (assessment of the risk of flooding, rating curve estimate)

- Analysis of sensitivity, propagation of uncertainties and data assimilation

Ministry of Research and Innovation
TENEVIA also intervenes in optimising your simulation software, the optimisation and choice of where to place your measurement networks. As for its video-based environmental observation activities, you also benefit from a 30% research tax credit on any digital modelling R&D project that you entrust to TENEVIA.