TENEVIA offers innovative solutions to help monitor, forecast and manage water and environmental resources. Its aim is to provide digital systems to monitor and support decision-making that combine measurement systems and forecasting software. Its unique expertise makes it possible to design measurement sensor systems and modelling software that meet the operational requirements of the people working in the field and the decision-makers.


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The company was founded in Savoie in 2012 on the Savoie-Technolac site and now has a base in the Isère department’s Inovallée business park. In 2013 it was awarded the title of Young University Business and was approved as a “Research and Development company” by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation in 2014.

Backed since its creation by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Rhône-Alpes region, the company and its innovative technologies have won a number of prizes and awards:

- 2012 winner of the Ministry of Research & Oséo national competition

- 2012 winner of the Réseau Entreprendre Savoie

- 2012 trophy winner for Economic Innovation in Mountain regions

- 2012 prize winner for innovation from Grenoble’s PRES university

- 2013 MoovJee & Innovons Ensemble national award [Retis innovation]

- 2013 Savoie entrepreneurs’ award for innovation

- 2014 winner of the Paul Louis MERLIN / Schneider Electric award

- 2014 winner ''100 innovators - World Open Innovations of the Russian Federation''

- 2014 winner ''Exportez-vous'' - Classe Export / Club CIC International



“From images to environmental data...”

The measurement of environmental variables through image processing constitutes an innovative approach in natural environments. A forerunner in the field, TENEVIA rolled out its first creation in 2012: the TENEVIA RiverBoard® system to measure waterways or canals and help to monitor them.

A real innovation in the field of hydrometry, this solution benefited from support from the Université de Savoie and the CNRS (Laboratoire EDYTEM). Aware of the challenges faced by the water managers, the video-based solution proposed by TENEVIA is adapted to both flood periods and the daily monitoring of natural waterways and canals.



Since then, TENEVIA has extended its expertise in image processing to other fields of application. Detecting floating waste, clouds or even snow cover are just a few examples of applications implemented by our image processing software.

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“Expertise, studies and data production service”

Hydrology has been Tenevia’s core business since the company was first set up. Our expertise allows us to intervene in different ways on the installation or management of dams, flood forecasting or monitoring water resources. Carrying out studies and providing geo-referenced data and hydrological forecasts in real time are its main activity. The greatest strengths of the approach proposed by TENEVIA are the reconstitution of historical data, its discretization per sub-catchment and an analysis of extreme events even on catchments that are rarely or never measured.

“Additional Services”

To enable us to carry out our services, we put a number of specific skills at your service:

-3D topographical measurements using a laserscanner

-Gauging, flow calculations and bathymetrical profiles using an ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) OR an electromagnetic current meter.

-Analysis of images and video sequences obtained during extreme events to extract the hydraulic characteristics.

“R&D services”

Since 2014, TENEVIA has been approved by the Ministry of Research to carry out your R&D studies, allowing you to benefit from a research tax credit (only for companies or subsidiaries based in France).

-Developing efficient hydrology tools and methods (uncertainty modelling and engineering)

-Developing algorithms and innovative software solutions for image processing



Laboratoire eDYTEM

Laboratoire EDYTEM (CNRS - Université Savoie Mont-Blanc)


AXIS Communications - World leader in IP camera


ESRI - World leader in Geographical Information Systems




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